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Posted February 08, 2018

Chingolo gorgiblanco (Zonotrichia albicollis) , also called white throat savanna , < b> white throated sparrow and gorgiblanco sparrow , is a species of passerine bird of the family Emberizidae that lives in North America.


The white collar chingolo measures seventeen centimeters long with a wing span of twenty-three centimeters. They usually weigh six grams.

There are two variations in the plumage of adults known as light brown and white stripes. In the white form the head is black with a white line in the center. The ears are gray and the upper edge forms a black line.

In the brown form, the head is dark brown in a line to the center. The ears are light gray or brown and the top line is also brown. Both variants have dark eyes, white neck, and gray and yellow body. Some individuals have dark lateral lines on each side of the neck.

The chest has gray or brown tufts and these wicks continue through the body, although the belly is usually a slightly grayish tone. The wings are gray with two distinctive white lines. The sexes are morphologically similar.


Reproduction [edit]

White-collar chingoloe reproduce in central Canada and New England . They nest close to the ground under shrubs or on low deciduous trees in forest areas. They place three to five eggs at a time, which have a whitish blue or green color.

Winter and migration

In winter, this bird migrates south and east from United States. Rarely does it move to the west of Europe, in countries like Scotland.


Song of the white-collar chingolo.