How to Grow Thoughts: 16 Steps (with Photos)

Posted February 03, 2018

Find out when is the best time to plant them. Thoughts can flourish all year round, depending on the climate of the place where you live or the area of ​​rusticity. Each country defines its own rusticity zones, which detail the ability of each region to grow certain plants. If you are going to plant seeds, the goal is to prevent thoughts from blossoming in hot temperatures like July or August in most climates. Therefore, in most climates, the best time to plant seeds of thoughts is during the fall or after the frost of late winter. In this way, you avoid the hot summer temperatures and the freezing winter temperatures and you can see them bloom in autumn or early spring. If you plan to plant mature thoughts, move them to your outdoor garden in spring or fall.

  • If you live in a temperate climate with moderate winters, you can expect them to bloom throughout the winter.
  • The most accurate way to find the best time to plant your thoughts is to investigate the area of rusticity of your area, which you can usually find on the website of your city or country and see if it provides information on the survival of the plant or suggested dates for planting.
  • In the United States , thoughts can survive between rusticity zones 4 and 8 (according to the USDA or US Department of Agriculture).