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Posted February 02, 2018

How to make thick cream punch. It is not redundant to speak of a creamier punch because there are simply creamy punches and some not so much. And this one I share today is the most creamy of all and you'll see why.

To make the rompope, beat the egg yellow as if you were to make mayonnaise, and then add to the cold milk and that is when cooking is prepared. Beat and incorporate the eggs in that way, it is the answer to the question how to make thick cream punch in record time and make sure it is creamier.

The result of this technique is unbeatable: color is a little more intense and the drink is definitely more creamy. The ingredients are the same as in my original punch recipe, except for the fact that you do not need lemon peel.

Now that you know how to thicken the cream punch, the punch prepared this way is the one I've been doing for the holidays and everyone's happy. I hope that now you too can make your very thick and creamy punch, with this, my secret to thicken the cream punch.

The answer to the question how to thicken the cream punch, is in the technique for whipping and incorporating the eggs.

1 can of condensed milk 1 can of evaporated milk 1 sprig of cinnamon 1 cup of Rum of Santa Teresa Añejo Venezuela

a pot put condensed milk and evaporated milk and beat until well blended. In a bowl and beat the yolks until a pale yellow (lemon yellow) cream is formed in a bowl and with the aid of an electric beater, with the consistency of a mayonnaise.

Stir in the beaten yolks into the milk mixture and beat well until a creamy mixture forms. Add a sprig of cinnamon.

Discard the cinnamon sprig and add the rum. Stir and with the aid of a punch funnel in a sterilized bottle.

Chill in the refrigerator for at least 2 hours before serving.


A difference of other punches that know better after several days in the refrigerator, it is so thick that can be taken immediately.

just or with ice.

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