"La Fan" premieres on January 17 - Telemundo 47

Posted January 30, 2018

Telemundo announced that on Tuesday, January 17, at 8:00 p.m. (7:00 pm center) will be the premiere of the romantic comedy "The Fan", starring Angélica Vale, Juan Pablo Espinosa, Miguel Varoni, Scarlet Ortiz, Ximena Duque, Jonathan Islas and Gabriel Porras.

It is a story inspired by an original idea of ​​Angelica Vale and written and developed by Marcela Citterio, which has the direction Miguel Varoni, Claudio Callao and Otto Rodriguez, under the executive production of Carmen Cecilia Urbaneja, José Gerardo Guillen and David Posada "The Fan" tells the story of a comical, cheerful and humble woman who is a fan of a soap opera actor and who, through a twist of fate, will unexpectedly enter her life.

Although at the beginning, "Lucas" does not pay much attention, in the end she can not imagine her life without her.

With this project, Angelica Vale returns to the telenovelas after more than ten years to interpret " Valentina Pérez ", whom they affectionately call" Vale ". She is a cheerful, funny, extroverted, dreamy and a bit clumsy, but at the same time prudent when it comes to pursuing her great idol, "Lucas Duarte" (Juan Pablo Espinosa), a famous soap opera actor. >

Although "Valentina" knows that he is only a fantasy and that he can never be close to him, he enjoys his role as founder of the Lucas Duarte Fan Club, "Las Lucalocas".

The Fan "will feature performances by Omar Germenos, Gloria Peralta, Elsy Reyes, Gabriel Valenzuela, Maritza Bustamante, Pablo Azar, Gabriel Rossi, Begoña Narvaez, Ricardo Kleinbaum, Josette Vidal, Lorena De La Garza, Mario Espitia, Freddy Flores, Fernando Pacanins, Jorge Eduardo García, Silvana Arias, Roberto Plantier, Carlos Gastelum, Emmanuel Pérez and Georgina Palacios, among others.

The musical theme of the series was composed and performed by the musical duo Chino and Nacho, titled "Soy Tu Fan".