8 reasons to visit the wild Madagascar | Upsocl

Posted January 29, 2018

When someone talks to me about Madagascar, the first thing that comes to mind is images of the famous Dreamworks film. I liked it so much that I wanted to know more about this island country in the Indian Ocean and I discovered 8 reasons why we should all visit it:

1. It is home to very curious animals

It has approximately 54 species of fun lemurs, 30 of the 60 bird species are endemic to the island and owns two thirds of the species of chameleons of the world, among others. Awesome!

2. It has a peculiar and diverse geography

You can be passing cold in a forest and then withstand the dry desert temperatures, in a trip of less than 300 km. You will also find jungles, lagoons and plateaus, among others . The country has a wide variety of landscapes to offer.

3. It is surrounded by stunning beaches

It has thousands of miles decorated with palm trees that give shade to those who lie on the white sand. Its crystalline waters are the perfect place for swimming, snorkeling or surfing peacefully . It also has abundant coral reefs, where you can see turtles looking to feed themselves.

4. It is a great producer of vanilla

Vanilla plant.

I do not know anyone who hates this spice. It's really delicious and Madagascar supplies half of all the vanilla in the world . It is an essential product for the country's economy.

Pink Fact: There are cacao plantations in the north of the country. The perfect blend!

5. It has unusual but tasty food

It owns the famous Baobab Avenue. In fact, there are only 8 species of this tree in the world and 6 of them are in Madagascar.

strong> 7. There are beautiful butterflies

Comet Moth.

Only in this country will you find the comet butterfly. Fascinating!

8. Three words: Ile Sainte Marie

Sainte Marie Island

Formerly, this island attracted pirates over the centuries and today you can see shipwrecks from the Bay of Forbans. You will also be able to snorkel in its crystalline and shallow waters , or see humpback whales during the summer and early fall.