Zappa Planet

Posted January 21, 2018

Frank Zappa explained that two of his favorite films were Not of this Earth

"Any alienated figure became a potential idol. There was a lot of identification with James Dean, but we also identified a lot with I was a Teenage Werewolf. It was great to laugh about those things, and that's why we liked it so much, because we could convince ourselves that it did not frighten us, that there was something that did not frighten us.I could not bear other types of movies.I saw things like Wasp Woman, The Beast from Haunted In Not of this Earth, a guy with sunglasses pulled something out of a tube, looked like a leaf stretched out from lettuce, laid it on a table and began to swell from Then he would take off and fly out of the window to the window of another type, he would fly to it, it would stop him, he would fall on his head and, when he closed, he would bite him. white shirt and he would shout 'Aaarrghh!' I saw her three times and when I I knew when I was going to attack him, I would sit behind some noisy child and at the exact moment, I would grab him by the neck and then I would sit down again. Be-bop tango "from the album The Yellow Shark (1993)

Produced and composed by Frank Zappa

Performed by Ensemble Modern

The text of Zappa is extracted from the libretto of the Spanish edition on DVD of Not of this Earth, published in 2010 by L'atelier 13.