Revelatory Butterfly

Posted January 17, 2018

Angels, archangels, seraphim and guardian angels can intercede for us and raise our prayers to God the Father, as the Bible says. But there are the false angels imposed by the New Age and Metaphysics. One must take into account something very important; the angels in heaven are nothing more than servants of God for our salvation, they are not to please mankind in our desires, dreams, whims or material needs. They are in the service of God and only he can put them at our service for purposes related to our salvation. Something very different from what the New Age poses, it presents them with blue, violet, yellow, and how much color exists with the lie of achieving prosperity, harmony and riches; he sets them as our servants or magicians who with a magic wand will please our desires.

No angel of God will bring us material wealth or prosperity. The New Age only profits worldwide through the meditation system called "Angel Therapy", which consists of contacting wonderful beings of light to "obtain angelic healing" promising the person to attract harmony, benefiting from the new energy of love and peace that the person transmits.

Let us remember that the prince of this world (John 12,31 and 16, 11) has some power over the things of the world, is the father of the lie and disguises himself as an angel of light to deceive and to be worshiped and thus take possession of us in return for what he seldom bestows. There is so much confusion that it is necessary for Christians to have a clear sense of our faith. These so-called "angels of light" have nothing to do with the Holy Angels of God. This is another way of attracting the new age and metaphysics, thus they manage to corrupt the true Christian message and confuse the unwary making them believe that they are in perfect harmony with the Faith.

His intercession is powerful and from the Old Testament we have been able to make clear: 1. When the Archangel Saint Raphael discovers his true identity to Tobias and Sarah says to them: "When you and Sarah prayed, I was the one who presented the memorial of his petitions before the glory of the Lord, and the same when you buried the dead. "Tobit 12,12.

2. In the New Testament, Jesus makes known that our guardian angels intercede directly before God when he says, "Beware of despising any of these little ones, for I assure you that their angels in heaven are constantly in the presence of my Heavenly Father." Matthew 18:10. 3. According to the Gospel of Luke, an Angel Comforter appeared to Jesus in the garden of the olive trees to strengthen him. Luke 22.43 4. The same apostle St. John makes a clear revelation to us in the Apocalypse: And there came another angel that stood at the altar with a censer of gold, and received a great quantity of perfumes, to offer them together with the prayer of all the saints, on the golden altar that is before the throne. And the smoke of the perfumes, along with the prayers of the saints, rose from the hand of the Angel to the presence of God. Revelation 8: 3-4.