Concrete Hexagonal Pot: 12 Steps (with Pictures)

Posted January 16, 2018

I have not included a single image of the spill itself, since it was an absolute nightmare, during which I could not even touch my camera because of the amount of concrete I had in my hands. This process came out basically the worst possible, and I will recount it here in the hope that you can avoid some of the mistakes I made.

First, I mixed the dry ingredients together in my 'cement mixer' (a bucket), and I was sure to have more than enough.

I began to add water (the instructions on the bag said 'add water as needed', and this confused me a little), and I mixed it with a wooden spoon. As expected, the bucket and spoon method was useless at all-nothing was mixed well and I was not using enough water. After 10 minutes of stirring the mixture in panic I got my hands on it-another mistake. As I stirred the mixture, the aggregate rocks cut my hands painfully-but it worked. When it seemed that the consistency was correct, I began to pour it into the shape. I quickly realized that it would be almost impossible to pour the mixture through the tiny hole in the shape. I panicked again and started to get the mixture out of the bucket by hand, and realized I had not used enough water.

I did not get more specific after filling only one-half of the form. I had already put all my colored aggregate in my first lot, so I had to hurry to make another lot with only sand and gravel. This time, I added a lot of water, and managed to create a lot that at least resembled something seen on a television show. I poured this lot on top of the first, and hoped for the best.

The nails seemed to work well, and fit well into the shape. I stirred the form for a few minutes to remove the bubbles, and then spent 10 minutes trying to wash my hands.

-Mixing a concrete batch into a bucket with a wooden spoon is less intelligent and less effective

-A lot of concrete should be prepared outside, not on a small tarp in the middle of your floor

- Concrete is not good for the skin

- Do not waste time using quick cement , which causes too much stress

-haz a shape with enough space to pour concrete

-prepare twice as much concrete so you do not have to rush to prepare more in the middle of the pour < / p>