Stanford University | Visit California

Posted January 14, 2018

Companies such as Facebook and Google do not offer formal guided tours, but on the Mountain View campus Googleplex, you can see the "Googlers", incredibly young employees, talking, tweeting and walking on bicycles with the brand Google on the way to change the world. Head to the east side of the campus, along the paved bike trail, to see the well-kept play space for employee use only. What you will not be able to see (but would like to see) is the campus cafeteria with free gourmet food, massages and nursery services, and nap sacks, a campus right on the edge of San Francisco Bay. "At the Googleplex campus in Mountain View, you can see the" Googlers ", incredibly young employees, talking, tweeting, and walking on bikes with the Google brand on the way to changing the world.

Just south of Cupertino, buy t-shirts, baseball caps and logos on another legendary campus, Apple's One Infinite Way.

North , in Menlo Park, the Facebook campus continues to grow. It is also closed for visitors, but the iconic front with thumb raised indicating "I like" in light blue has become a popular background for selfies. You can do it too: just walk up, smile, click and publish your photo. You will also find the modest building where it all began: the 367 Addison Avenue garage, Palo Alto, where, in 1939, Bill Hewitt and Dave Packard initiated a society that would become the hub of technology known as HP.