Posted January 09, 2018

Justin Bieber has decided to add two new tattoos to his collection, this time in his triceps and right forearm, with which he has surprised his followers of the Instagram social network.

p> "My new tattoo," wrote the teen idol in the popular digital platform next to a photograph in which it appears showing the first of them: a compass; just a few hours before delighting netizens with a second engraving, which represents a buffoon and was accompanied by the text: "It's already colored!".

Since he released his first tattoo with tan only 16, the singer has shown a predilection for them and, in general, for tattooing those drawings that had a special meaning for him, such as the bird that looks near his waist - according to him, a "family tradition" - or the shield of a Canadian ice hockey team - a tribute to his grandfather.

But not all Bieber tattoos respond to the sentimental, since as acknowledged in the American television program 'The Ellen DeGeneres Show '

"I love tattoos, but most of all I like those that have a very classic design," he said.