Posted January 05, 2018


ABOUT US: You can find the details about our founders and on the next page the details

IN THE SECTION OF THE CALENDAR: You can find the General Calendar of the current charism activities in Missions and in a second page, the ongoing training programs we carry out in The Porziuncola , the Catholic Center for Evangelization.

IN THE BOOKSTORE: > You can find information about our publications and how to acquire them.

IN CHARISMISIONES - MESSAGES: You can find and see directly the Video of the moment! with the preaching of the Speakers who share with us in the developments of the Latin Encounter, the Leaders' Congress or any of our major events en

IN THE AREA OF "BOLETIN": You will find the letters of our Founder Marilynn Kramar, who shares them on the most important news of the moment.

* We invite you to visit our Electronic Information Center with confidence. It will be a blessing to be able to receive em and listen to their testimonies and news in the Lord. God bless you!