DetailLogia: Grace Ciao - Designing with flowers

Posted December 30, 2017

Recently, I accidentally found images on the web that caught my attention. These were the drawings of a young illustrator born in Singapore. Your name: Grace Ciao .

And you will wonder why the artwork of this artist is special. I tell you. Grace uses an unconventional method to create her fashion designs, uses flower petals instead of ink or cloth to simulate the fabrics.

The young artist began using this technique by pure chance. When one day realized that the rose that had given him a boy was withering decided to preserve its beauty using its petals in his fashionable illustrations.

His favorite flowers to work are those that have multiple nuances, like lilies and carnations. With them he gets a great detail in his creations.

As he commented in an interview to BuzzFeed Style: "Help me create impressions that give me another way I could not have thought, "and added," I think the petals work very well for illustration too because of their delicacy and delicacy are similar to those of a soft cloth. "

And it seems that creativity Grace Ciao does not stay in the flowers, for the last designs I've seen I decided to use vegetables, specifically leaves of different types of lettuce. And the result is spectacular.

But for the moment most of his drawings are made with petals of different shades. Here are some of his delicate designs

And his previous sketches are also very artistic, do not you think?

And this is one of his last drawings he has shown in his nets, in this case the material for its design are not petals of flowers but papers of candies.

Did you like the work of this artist? Which of his designs did you like the most?

We will wait to see what new plant materials surprise us next time.