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Posted December 25, 2017

Bodhi tree leaves.

There are a number of plants that play a significant role in Buddhism.

The most important is the Bodhi tree (Ficus religiosa), which is the tree under which the historical Buddha attained enlightenment.

Although the Buddha himself advised against tree worship, practice was part of the Hindu tradition, so adoption of the tree and its leaf as devotional symbols was natural. He also sat under a Banyan tree, a Mucalinda and a Rajayatana.

Durba grass > (Poa cynosuroides), with which the Buddha made a seat before beginning his last meditations, is very resistant and is a symbol of long life and Straight Effort.

wood, the fruit of the tree Bilva (Aegle marmelos), is used as an offering to remind the practitioner about the emptiness and conditioned nature of all phenomena.

"Thinking that the watery trunk of banana

has a solid core, one can knock it down.

But there is no there is nothing solid,

neither outside nor inside.

Know that all phenomena are the same. Shabkar