Posted December 22, 2017

The magazine Optometry Today gathers this shocking story a year ago, but made public a few days ago. It was a routine medical intervention, a cataract surgery. The woman had never had any other eye complaints but, while she was being given anesthesia, the doctors noticed a peculiar "blue mass" in her eye.

The inspection soon took its toll. 17 lenses stuck by the mucus of the eye. The woman, who had been wearing contact lenses for 35 years, had not noticed her small miscarriages and further claimed that she had felt some mild pain.

El teatro del Luxemburgo teatro de títeres situado en el jardín
El teatro del Luxemburgo teatro de títeres situado en el jardín

"The fact that the patient did not realize she had them surprised us a lot," said ophthalmologist Rupal Morjaria. "The mass should have caused a lot of irritation."

The operation had to be postponed to avoid endophthalmitis or inflammation of the eye. The medical team then decided to make the case public in The British Medical Journal (BMJ), as previously it was not believed that it was possible to hold so many lenses without any irritation.

Incredible ... but true! Of course, this does not say much about English health, because how is it that in the consultations and exams prior to the operation the physicians who treated it could not realize it?