Posted December 21, 2017

I believe that this entry will be forever, definitely. Do not you happen to accumulate things to teach and you forget only to upload it to IG? Well, that's what happened to me, which I've been accumulating since January: Bah, I'll put it on a Haul next week and spend the weeks and realize that you're going to have to make the longest entrance of all your life. So let's start at the beginning, Low Cost brands.

Essence; pigments descatalogaos, 1.29 €.

1. Pigment WOW it's orange! of the fixed range they had. 2. Pigment Inti Inka, collection Tribal Summer. 3. Pigment Alice had a vision-Again collection of Breaking Dawn Part 2. 4. Pigment Black Sparrow, fixed-range. 5. Pigment Waka Waka, collection Tribal Summer.

Alice had a vision-again and Black Sparrow

Waka Waka and Inti Inka

Swatches do not have too much quality because the day is cloudy and unaccompanied.

False Eyelash Mask MaxFactor's Lash Effect, my new favorite, I did not know it, I just barely used eyelash mascara and now I do not forget her. It leaves a few tabs quite marked without being left to pegotones, very natural and remarked at the same time, I do not know if I explain.

Astor Jumbo Perfect Stay 24h in the pink tone, I do not know how I've waited so long for do me with it.

Electric blue eyeshadow, I do not know how much I'll use, I'm trying to leave the black outlines. But the color is so beautiful, I could not resist.

Sleek Au Naturel Palette, a basic palette, I have realized that I will never have enough neutral shadows, I always need more shades.

Kabuki from Catrice's Rock-o-co collection, just like the previous one, super soft and hairy. This is if I have used it for powders, in some points something big comes to me.

Come with the average cost, this last week I made a request to KIKO to take advantage of the offer of shadows, web did not give away the palette, but they left it at half the price.

In addition, they had lowered the famous Mixing Solution, which I wanted to try with the pigments, I read that there are girls who use it directly at the eyelid to fix shadows. I have tried it with great care and the truth, it works, but it is impossible to work and blur it. But the pigments gives a lot of life and lets you see all the nuances of this.

I also dropped a black, black Kajal Kohl pencil, it is not the best I have ever tried, but so It cost me a lot, it's pretty good.

As you can see with the pigment WOW it's orange! of Essence, the tone without the Mixing Solution is a very simple salmon tone, however, with the Mixing Solution you can see much more orange, with golden reflections intact. A very remarkable improvement, is not it?

Let's go with the shadows I took, the first two are the 200, a white shade, with a slight shimmer almost not noticed when the shadow fades.

And the 208, a matte red shade, is probably the shade I like most of KIKO, few brands have matte red shades with good pigmentation and low cost.

Shadow 209 , salmon tone with many tiny brillis that make it an ideal shade for nudes looks.

Shadow 212, brown with golden glitter, a very special shadow of the mark, I have not found any resemblance in my shadows.

Shadow 264, did I tell you what I like the Blues? Well I never have enough of these, this is a blue sky with silver luster. Shadow

Shadow 287, something darker than the previous one, this is the shadow I was referring to when it came to a soft smoky, silver sparkles give it a very special point.

Shadow 295, black matte, here it is not seen how black it is, but it is the first black shadow that remains as such in my eye, and I do not dislike it as it remains. It fades pretty well, which is what I was looking for.

As for the MAC purchases, that I have spent there, between one thing and another.

Studio Fix in the tone NC25, powder makeup, ideal for oily skin. I am going to use it mainly to fix bases, especially those with little coverage.

So Chaud Lipstick, after the Atomic plof of I Heart Makeup, needed an orange lipstick, is not butane, but with the red tone it has, it is even more special.

Shade Electri Eel, the most beautiful turquoise blue I've ever seen. I already said by IG, it is my favorite shade of MAC and in addition to being the most pigmentan.

Cranberry shadow, shade in reddish hue, with a precious copper sheen. One of the most famous shadows they have.

And from the RedRedRed collection ...

Casual Color, in the Secret Admirer Ringtone, is a coral red. It is a product that can be used both on the cheeks and on the lips. Although I have only tried it on the cheeks to give a natural look.

The famous Toxic Tale lipstick, which was already in an earlier collection and was one of the lipsticks I craved most. I think the swatches of this lipstick are too much, its reddish-coral tone makes it look different in light.

And with this I finish and catch up with all the purchases I've made until the day of today. I think it's time to put a little brake, which I spent this month ...

And with this and a cake, until tomorrow at eight.