FC Race TBS Colibri for the Powercube System

Posted December 17, 2017

An intrinsic part of the Black Sheep Powercube team is the FC Racing Colibri, a flight controller, based on STM32F3 with more than enough processing power and memory to achieve very low loop times. This FC is literally brimming with features and is all the professional rider looks for when choosing the right FC for its construction.

An ideal size for quads between 180 and 330 size and if used as part of the Powercube system, it will fit perfectly into the "stack". • STM32F303 based chipset for better performance
• PPM, SBUS, DSM, DSMX input (5V and 3.3V provided more internal BUS) • • Output channels ESC 6 PWM (auto connect, internal BUS)
• Choose between the plug & amp; play sockets or welding pads for R / C and Buzzer
• standard size 36x36mm (30.5mm raster standard)
• LED RGB support strip incl. power management
• extension port for GPS sensor / external compass / pressure
• UART port for peripherals (Blackbox, FrSky telemetry etc.) • 5V ringer output
• MPU6500 new generation accelerometer / gyroscope
• Performs Betaflight, Cleanflight and Baseflight
• 3x LED status (DCDC pwr / 3.3v pwr / status)

Specifications: Processor: STM32 F3 Flight Controller in Running Betaflight
Power for Cam and VTX: 5V / 12V
Dimensions: 36mm x 36mm
Weight: 4.4g

Includes: Racing Board Flight Control