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Posted December 14, 2017

CBD Sweet'n'Sour Widow comes from the cross between a Sour Diesel and a selected White Widow. In addition a coconut contribution of 30% favors aeration of the substrate and will accelerate the overall development of the plant. White Widow XXL Auto has an intense aroma and flavor, with notes of fresh and bittersweet flowers. It is a variety of marijuana ideal for relaxing peacefully and for therapeutic use. With your purchase over 30 euros 1 seed OG KUSH FREE, with 60 euros 2 seeds, with 90 euros 3 seeds, etc. With your purchase over 30 euros 1 seed Dinachem FREE, with 60 euros 2 seeds, with 90 euros 3 seeds, etc. With your purchase of more than 30 euros 1 seed Blue Cheese car FREE, with 60 euros 2 seeds, with 90 euros 3 seeds, etc. . The White Widow is a hybrid cross between a female Sativa landrace from Brazil, and a landrace Sativa / Indica father from the Kerala region, south of India. This allowed him to discover it in its natural environment, and later to select the best individuals according to the characters sought. A 50-year-old Brazilian who lived in this region became a good friend as we had many things in common.

We can now find this variety at home, Seeds ,, Female Seeds, Pyramid Seeds, Seeds, Positronics Seeds, (Zuri Widow), Dr. De Grow Productions (White Moma). All these plants had been cultivated, selected and crossed between them for years, based on the criterion of the resin production; this selection will end in what will be known as being half of the legendary pedigree of the authentic White Widow aka Black Widow. But I insist that the land is good, about 8-10 euros the bag of 50 liters.

These two varieties were not pure and have been combined over the years under the influence of the selections of the person who cared for them. As they have been cultivated for many generations by the same individuals and in the same region, they evolved with the passage of time and became unique by this fact. So it is completely normal for certain people to find Sativa phenotypes in a packet of 18 seeds. Over the last seven years we have managed to improve it to a medium level without deteriorating its great character. In fact, the girl I selected in the union of these two descendants of plants asked me for more than 200 tests and bugs, but not as much as the Super Silver Haze that asked for over 1000 tests and bugs from seed ... and years of work for Nevil. The most important thing if we try to reduce the flowering time of the Black Widow to 10 weeks, is to find the plant that expresses the Indica phenotype. Then you have to take a cutting of this mother born of seed and put it to bloom which will reduce its flowering time about 9 to 11 weeks. It is then that numerous new crosses of Cannabis based on White Widow made their appearance.

The plant produces all the best during the last three weeks, so if you harvest too early you will never see the potential it can offer. This variety positively affected numerous growers, but it will not be as easy to find a white widow plant seeds truly exceptional as it can be with Shit Shark Shock varieties. In the late 1990s, the White Widow brought fresh air to the Dutch breeding scene, with respect to the everlasting Skunk / NL / Haze hybrids.

If you want to grow regular genetics to raise your own seeds, we strongly advise you to rely on this bank. They work with the original lines compiled by Neville Shoenmaker, father of almost all modern seed banks in the Netherlands and the rest of the world. I think it was an overdose of THC, one of components of cannabis, typical in beginners. The White Widow has received different awards in cannibal festivals, among them the first place in the Cannabis Cup 1995 of Amsterdam. If you want you can take a look at this post, which will help you to know a little more about the different effects of marijuana.

White Widow is one of the white varieties, for the extraordinary amount of resin that is appreciated in its buds and also in its leaves, characteristic that is defined in its name. As the White Widow variety, your breeder recommends for the last 15 days of flowering, reduce the amount of light hours from 12 to 8h. for this way to get the maximum amount of resin. It can also be some American variety that is not here in Europe and therefore we do not have data of this plant.

The Spoetnick reflector is one of my favorite refrigerated ones, and your extactor is powerful, I think if you can get it about 30 / 35cm from the top of your plants, anyway this is something that only you can control, watch the temperature well cannabis seeds sometimes we lose production by unnecessary risks. You should also take into account the induction intraccion, there comes a time when the plant is a saturation of light, if in your closet you do not have a good level of carbon dioxide.