Con A de Arte ("A" is for Art) - Q City Metro

Posted December 12, 2017

With Art is an annual event that seeks to showcase the work of local artists from the Latin American community in the Charlotte area through presentations modeled after the TED Conferences which include visual art presentations, and performances by musicians, dancers, poets , and actors.

The reception will follow the artists' presentations and awards. Appetizers will be served. Cash bar available.

some of the most complex responses. Since the dawn of mankind, some of the great philosophers, scientists, and artists have shared their take on what it means to exist. Today, international photojournalist, Saul Flores, and renowned spoken word artist, Herrison Chicas, provide another perspective.

Flores and Chicas traveled all the way to Michoacán, Mexico to figure out the meaning of life from the indigenous Purépecha tribe The Purepecha people are known for their Day of the Dead Celebration - a spiritual festival that honors family members who have passed and celebrates the beauty of life.

Together, they bring back photos, stories, and answers.