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Posted December 11, 2017


Angry Birds



Throw explosive eggs. disarm in 5 parts (Angry Birds Star Wars I and Star Wars II) use a lightsaber (Angry Birds Star Wars II).




Matilda (White Bird) is one of the variety of birds that appear in Angry Birds. Its main ability is to throw an egg when it is clicked or when touching the screen. The egg functions as a kind of detonator or bomb that destroys objects. Once the egg has been released, the bird deflates and goes around in the air. It is very useful when you want to eliminate a Pig by hitting it directly, since during the route to eliminate some, it can be clicked or touched so that the egg leaves and destroys the desired object. A good way to use this bird is to throw the egg to make it explode something and what is left of the bird to use it to hit a structure. The bird is used as a normal bird or can be thrown and by clicking (if it is above) it throws an egg.


It is useful not only to kill a pig directly, but also as a way to make a double impact and cause even more damage of the estimate.

This bird usually appears accompanying with Bomb in levels of large structures or where there is the presence of TNT.

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