22 children's outdoor games you can do for yourself - The voice of the wall

Posted December 05, 2017

It's true that ever since we were young there has been a great evolutionary leap in play and entertainment. That's why we often go for the easiest solution for children to have fun . We give them time to watch TV, play videogames, use computers or tablets , etc.

This makes children are losing fruitful direct contact with the nature and the beauty of the environment that surrounds them, as well as a lot of games and activities that we played when we were little and through which we learned a lot of things.

That's why, as an inspiration, today we wanted to show you a lot of DIY projects with which your children will parade the videogame consoles and the < in> tablets . Let them decide what their favorites are and get to work:


As easy as painting 4 stones like ladybugs and other 4 like bees. Then, you can use an old trunk on which to paint your board, although any flat surface can be worth.

Garden chess

If your children like to play chess, would do it with giant chips in the backyard.

Jenga gitante and domino. All in one!

The same wooden boards can be used to play one or another hobby. What are you waiting for to get down to work?

A summer cinema for the backyard

Source detailed instructions: pvcplans

There is not much to say about it, except that you can decorate it the way you like it and that your children will have fun times in them, like < when we were little.

Train your aim with a simple ladder

The only thing you'll need is a ladder and some bean bags or, in your absence, tennis balls. Put the scale of scores of different ranges where appropriate and play!

Outdoor slate

A ridiculously simple idea that will give your children long hours of entertainment and fun, as well as being a very playful tool where you can teach things on your own.

Bowling with recycled bottles

Source detailed instructions: moonfrye

Ride your own bowling alley in the backyard. Instead of buying bowls, you can always recycle a few bottles and paint them to look like the real ones.

Pool Noodles Diana

Planta de los Jardines
Planta de los Jardines

Source detailed instructions: parents

Never so simple was so much fun! With a few pool noodles you can ride your own shooting range in the garden.

each child 10 small washers of one color to be threaded into the cubes at a distance. Who makes more points wins the game.

A kitchen to make mud pies

If your children are those who come home full of mud and sand, then this kitchen to do Clay cakes will love it. With facilities as complete as these, your children will spend hours enjoying themselves.

Exploit balloons with darts

Fairs, going with children, can be incredibly expensive right? So, why do not you try to ride his own in the backyard? Take a look by clicking on the fountain to see all the fantastic proposals.

A giant water bed

We all know that children are not prepared to sleep in waterbeds, to have a giant in the garden, which will increase the fun of your games.

Sliding water track

If you liked the idea above, you are probably more enthusiastic still to your children.


A classic that children love.

Toy car circuit

Why spend so much money on toy circuits that will eventually break up, when we can build them one in the garden for their racing cars?

A very simple and fun game for the whole family. You will only need strings - rolled up in colored insulation tape - for the rings, and a few pieces of wood properly cut.

Search for the frozen treasure!

This is a good game for young children, as it is a sensory activity. This means that it helps their development at an early age. Freeze a bunch of toys - which are durable - and let the child find the tools to get them.

Obstacle Course

If your children like sports, obstacle course improvised by yourselves could be a very fun hobby for them.

Fairy crown

A little cardboard, flowers and ribbons could become the perfect pastime .

A water circuit