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Posted December 02, 2017

Thank you Camacho, but I'm a very bad photographer, I need to do 50 photos so that they work out 3 or 4, good that you like the queen is a very special plant that you say is the original mother or is selected by you ? I yesterday put 4 of queen and 1 of himalaya HH in an interior we will have about 4 weeks in growth and then fluorination we expect to have plants of 250 g. at least with the queen, and I will post pictures of how they are flowering.

Hello Raco, sorry that I did not answer in English, because I have to use the translator and half of the writing I do not understand nor I, I suppose you do not open it cultivated, is a very special satirical polyhibido, all that the they have tried it very well, it is not heavy and it is very tasty never tired of smoking and the patients who use it say that it is of the few sativas that when they consume it, they can make a normal life, in a few days I will pass by the facilities of delicatessen-seeds-bank, I will ask you to give me some seeds, not the last ones that are feminized, that for the clever ones that lately there are many grow.

queens to start with the follow-up and while we wait I will leave a few photos.

These are what I leave next have little to do with cannabis, are peyote grafted in sampedro, this specimen is from delicatessen- bank, I hope you like it.

Thanks Camacho, but I'm very ba d photographer, I need to make 50 pictures that go well for 3 or 4, that good if you like the queen is a very special plant that is cutting to comment on the mother's or is it selected for you? Yesterday I met 4 of queen and 1 Himalayan HH in an interior will keep growing about 4 weeks and then we hope to have plants fluoridation has 250 g. at least with the queen, and I will go the photos of flowers.

Well touches expected to grow queens have to start with follow-up and letting go while we wait a few photos.

Those who had left then have little to do with cannabis, peyote are grafted onto Sampedro, this is exemplary of delicatessen-bank-seeds, I hope you like it. . The Partner.