Egg - definition of egg dictionary

Posted November 25, 2017

(From lat. ovum .)

1 . s. Organic body within which an embryo develops, laid by the females of some animals and protected by a porous calcareous shell.

2 . The one of the hen, which is the most usual as human food.

3 . BIOLOGY Ovum, female sex cell.

4 . BIOLOGY Cell resulting from the fusion of male and female gametes. zygote

5 . Wooden piece with ovoid shape that is used to darken socks.

6 . vulgar Testicle, male reproductive organ.

7 . Piece of strong wood with a hole in the middle where the shoemakers mold the sole of the footwear.

8 . egg to the cup Chile Egg passed by water.

9 . egg to the pail Chile Fried egg.

10 . amniotic egg BIOLOGY The large size that put birds and reptiles and covered by a limestone shell.

11 . colony egg colloquial A very difficult problem, apparently, but has a surprisingly easy solution.

12 . Cushion egg COOK Dry sweet made of sugar and egg yolk.

13 . octopus egg ZOOLOGY Sea lice, mollusc.

14 . boiled egg KITCHEN The one that is boiled in boiling water with its shell and then cooled in cold water.

15 . poached egg COOKING Egg without beating that is allowed to set inside a stew.

16 . egg star KITCHEN Egg that is fried without toasting it above.

17 . fertilized egg BIOLOGY Zygote, a cell that results from the union of two gametes.

19 . spun egg KITCHEN Poached in the form of filament that is used as a garnish in soups and consommés.

20 . egg huero ZOOLOGY The one that has not been fertilized by the sperm of the male and is lost in the incubation.

21 . parthenogenetic egg BIOLOGY The one that develops from the female gamete exclusively.

22 . egg passed by water KITCHEN Egg boiled lightly in boiling water.

23 . warm egg Amér KITCHEN The past by water.

24 . virgin egg BIOLOGY Female fertilized cell.

25 . Eggs COOKING Eggs simmered usually with tomatoes and other ingredients.

26 . double eggs COOKING Sweet made with egg yolks and clarified sugar.

27 . soft eggs COOKING Egg yolks whipped with sugar.

28 . Parasitic eggs Colomb. KITCHEN Scrambled Eggs.

29 . scrambled eggs KITCHEN Eggs that are removed as they stick.

30 . egg loc. adv. colloquial With ease if you prepare well the exam, you will approve egg.

31 . when frying the eggs loc. adv. colloquial Expresses the time that is necessary to see if a thing will take effect.

32 . cost an egg vulgar Being very expensive or difficult it cost an egg to find work; That watch cost him an egg.

33 . up to the eggs loc. adv. vulgar Very tired of a person or thing I'm up to the eggs of their impertinence.

35 . Look like an egg to another colloquial Being almost identical father and son seem like one egg to another.

36 . Look like an egg to a chestnut colloquial Being very different the opera and rock seem like an egg to a chestnut.

37 . footing eggs loc. adv. 1. Very carefully, slowly: entered the house stealthily and crossed the hallway stepping eggs. 2.

egg-laying colloquial Make it easy or affordable to achieve or get annoying criticizing well-meaning institutional exhibitions, but this time they have put it to the egg.

39 . worth an egg vulgar Worth a lot or cost very expensive has a necklace that is worth an egg.

40 . and an egg! vulgar Expresses the renunciation, rejection or denial of a thing.