Greensboro church gives Thanksgiving meals to first response crews

Posted November 24, 2017

"This is a wonderful way of serving people", Cairns said.

Associate pastor Kyndra Frazier said the church has been taking an upscale approach for more than a decade.

Carrie Bellville of Little Hocking, surrounded by a cluster of children and a grandchild, said it was her second time to attend the event, the first having been four years before when there was a loss in the family.

"It's a full day's work", Reis said.

"It helps them be better students, it helps them be better young men and women", Barber said. "We're more than happy to be a part of giving back".

Meals on Wheels delivers food throughout the year, but what happens on major holidays - like Thanksgiving - when the program goes dark?

"Bring me in with open arms and hug on me and love on me and what not, it's a real heart-warming feeling", Word said.

Wade said the community's response on Thanksgiving is reflective of the church's motto: "We serve others before we serve ourselves".

Dave Rankin helped to coordinate the dinner, which has been held each year for 23 years. "It's a blessing for us and it's a blessing for the people who live around here". With family already in town, spending a few hours away from home is well worth it, he said. Charmel Moreno's mother spent the first three days of the week making 20 homemade sweet potato pies for the meals.

Don Brand has been volunteering as a dishwasher for over 25 years. "It's just me and my wife at home. Even if it's just for a couple of minutes, it's a nice experience to cheer somebody up and pass along some joy", said David Bohovsky, a volunteer. "I grew up in this church".

Meanwhile, the Woodstock Community Center still had a full house by 4pm closing time, with nearly 32 people still lined up outside the door.

Reis, who has her own family meal later on Thursday, said the opportunity to give to others inspired her to volunteer for the community meal.