EA Implies Star Wars Battlefront II's Microtransactions Will Return

Posted November 19, 2017

I'd need an entire other article to fully explain it, but the long and short is this: You upgrade your troopers, heroes and ships via Star Cards, which are primarily obtained via the randomized loot crates you'll earn as you play. The randomized aspect of the game might pressure many to spend lots of money because they won't know what item they'll be getting from these loot boxes.

The "Star Wars Battlefront II" "bumpy launch week creates incremental risk to early unit sales (initial reviews also underwhelming) ..." That changed earlier this month when the studio announced that Injustice 2 would initially be available on PC in its beta form.

EA's Battlefront 2 loot crate PR disaster could be an important precedent-setter at a pivotal time, as publishers restructure their monetization, tempted by profitable micro-transactions. If you're someone who spends time on the game, we love you, do your thing, do what you want to do. Heck, they may do even better than they would've done had it not have been for so much criticism from the gaming community. With the very few context clues that were given, I knew that this was Star Wars: Battlefront II and was suddenly so excited because I realized that there was actually a story this time.

Then there are games that treat space battles as more of an afterthought, catering mainly to the fans who like to dress up in robes and armour and swing around replica laser swords (good, fine people). D-L-C Stands for downloadable content. "The pullback will help sales". Turns out even the Star Wars license wasn't enough to protect Battlefront 2 from the ire of disgruntled fans.

Have you even played Star Wars Battlefront II? Still, he reiterated his buy rating on EA with a price target of 137. Janina gives us the scoop on her character. As of right now, EA has removed all in-game purchases until they are able to fairly tweak the game to everyone's liking. The House of Mouse had concerns about the exclusivity deal with EA due to the press backlash, investigations regarding gambling, and the bad press involved.

For that reason, microtransactions have become a standard element of big budget video game releases. The post became the most down-voted Reddit comment of all-time. "We will fix this", one developer said during the AMA. I just did my last voiceover day recently, which was two weeks ago. In a statement, DICE GM Oskar Gabrielson wrote, "We're turning off all in-game purchases". EA also ditched the Season Pass model and will instead let players download new maps and Heroes for free.

In a phone call with US Gamer regarding the matter, a representative for EA reportedly said that the Star Wars Battlefront 2 team is going "back to the drawing board" and will focus on balance. Generally we've found that a round of Galactic Assault will net around 300-450 credits if it goes the distance, but that can be lower if your attack is held up at the first set of objectives.

Will Iden be interacting with any of the characters from the films?