40 Excellent Designs of Japanese Tattoos | Tattoo Ideas

Posted November 15, 2017

Japanese style tattoos, also known as Horimono or Irezumi, have unique characteristics and are used with many people around the world who love this culture and this style of traditional Japanese design.

Formerly in ancient Japan tattoos were used as a form of punishment towards a person, today it has evolved into a modern art form and expression of each person. Irezumi style tattoos were traditionally made by hand rather than using tattoo machines as they are today. This made them extremely painful.

Japanese tattoos often tend to use much of the body as a design and this leads to large sizes and time consuming work. Among the themes chosen are the Japanese dragons, cherry blossom, koi fish and geishas and samurais.

Japanese female tattoo on the back

Impressive tattoo on all the back of a woman with Japanese design to pure color.

Fully tattooed back with Japanese woman

Large tattoo on the back, with black color and shadows with a touch of color.

Japanese warrior tattoo

Full-back tattoo where the warrior sits among a cherry tree background.

Japanese ankle tattoo

Two faces of Japanese women with color tattooed on the ankles.

Geisha tattoo on the back

As we see most oriental tattoos, takes up much of the woman's back and has very few colors in the final design.

Japanese dragon tattoo with lots of color

Oriental style tattoo that covers the whole back, followsby the arms and covers great amount of the legs.

Dragon tattoo and Japanese elements

Tattoo made entirely in black and white, with excellent quality and artistic design and with the characteristic that the sakura flowers are pink to differentiate them from the rest of the drawing.

Cherry tree tattoo with phrase

Tattoo by Johnny Gage occupying much of the back with a great phrase and a cherry tree that covers it.

Japanese tattoo on the back

Tattoo of koi fish and Japanese letters on the arm

Tattoo made in black ink with a delineated koi carp and Japanese letters with shadows.

Japanese woman face tattoo


Geisha tattoo with cherry blossoms

Large oriental dragon color tattoo

Lotus flower tattoo next to an octopus

Tattoo of Japanese warrior

Geisha tattoo, cherry tree and bird full color

Japanese battle scene tattoo

Hannya Mask tattoo on the back


Japanese warrior tattoo real list with great shadows

An impressively tattooed Japanese warrior on the left side of the back, very realistic.

Fish tattoo with sakura flowers

Japanese letters

Realistic geisha tattoo on the arm

Tattoo and photos of oriental designs

Tattoo face closeup of woman

Excellent tattoo Japanese style tattoo

Impressive large Japanese tattoo design

Geisha tattoo in full arm Tattoo with Japanese elements between dragons and koi fish


Geisha face in color

Japanese dragon tattoo in black and white and sakura flowers

Hannya Mask realistic style

Tattoo in the chest, shoulder and Japanese arm

Skull tattoo covered by sakura flowers

Japanese woman tattoo

Japanese tattoo on full fighter back


Japanese tattoo pictures on the back