The day Clint Eastwod smiled: December 2015

Posted November 02, 2017

And here is a list of the best of this 2015, a year of great revelations and consolidation of careers, and a year in which we could see a lot more cinema than in others, fortunately never enough. Enjoy it!

Adam Sandler did it again; I do not remember seeing anything of prominent nostalgic load since Transformers. And is that the great comedian gave us a reunion with video games that, although they could have had its peak before many were born, were not absent in our childhood. That is why Pixeles is in the Top of the best films of the year, which also enjoys excellent performances and a script of exquisite genius.

Without doubt the most successful film of the year, and not for less. Poetic eroticism and cinematic beauty and make this film a complete work of art that also offers timely literary references, especially the classic Marquis de Sade. We were all able to revel in the performance of Dakota Johnson, perhaps the greatest discovery of recent years; Take care, Merly Streep!

Paper cities

But what a beautiful thing! I have nothing more to say.

Fast and Furious

One of the most important epic sagas in film history. The drama reaches its climax in this exciting story of revenge, crown beer, Asian brands and family. This epic gives one of his most emotional stories, with great performances by Dominic Toretto and the brother of Paul Walker, where again the script was the star and gives us one of the most emotional finals ever made. With masterful music made with the instruments of Wiz Khalifa and company.

This is 2014, but someone had to say it, Michael Bay is undoubtedly the most influential director of his generation and one of the greatest.

Transformers: Age of Extinction

poets who has given the cinema. Undoubtedly one of his most intelligent films to date and the most difficult to see by its complicated frameworks, From here Bay's pretensions rise like foam.

The Ridiculous 6

Woody Allen makes a movie every year that goes! Adam Sandler makes two, from now on, of course. An excellent western that shows us that we have not seen everything in the genre.

One of the most shocking stories of revenge with Shakespearean dyes. Bryan Mills continues his relentless pursuit and realizes that he was looking for himself all this time, and that everything was in his head. I love this ending!

The fate of Jupiter < / b>

The Wachowski always surpassing; an excellent character played by Mila Kunis.

Hero of mall 2

No doubt 2015 was the best year of the last 5 movies, jewel of the crown is this excellent sequel and one of the best comedies of the millennium. Kevin James shines in his starring role. At least this movie should not be just nominated; must be rewarded in everything that is put in front of him.

Let's hope it's clear that although this is a joke, the experience of watching movies, even if we do not like them, is a stimulating thing, greetings and see you in 2016.