How To Protect Your Christmas Tree Against Your Cat

Posted October 26, 2017

Choose ornaments that are not very appealing to your cat. Some ornaments will be irresistible because they shine, glow, hang and flicker. On the other hand, less stimulating objects, less bright or dull, and that do not hang, will be less flashy for your cat. The simple decorations of plush or paper, could be the best choice. Avoid anything that hangs too much, jump or spin.

  • Never put things stuffed with catnip (Nepeta cataria) into the tree. If you do, you'll have problems.
  • Consider not decorating. Garlands and frost are dangerous for cats that chew and swallow them, and their use is not recommended in homes with cats; if swallowed they can suffocate or suffer other internal problems, such as an intestinal blockage. The same happens with the bows and other long things that hang from the tree. Artificial snow is toxic and should not be used when having pets and small children. Christmas is already stressful enough and costly without the emergency surgery needed to save your cat's life, if a bit of sharp tinsel pierces the intestinal wall or causes a blockage.
  • Not recommended Use real candles on the tree when you have pets. Things can go wrong very easily, a quick blow can be enough to make everything flammable catch fire.
  • If you like to decorate the tree with food, be careful what you put. Chocolate of any kind is toxic to cats, and the smell could be tempting for them if you hang it from the tree. There are many other sweets that are not healthy either.