Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp Officially Unveiled

Posted October 25, 2017

Furniture is created by spending crafting materials and Bells acquired by filling requests for animal friends (such as giving them certain items) throughout different locations in the game.

Leaf Tickets: Leaf Tickets can be earned through regular gameplay or purchased using real-world money, and can be used in a variety of ways in the game.

It's a free game, so of course you'll run into microtransactions, but the passing glimpse we got of the game in the Direct makes me think these will be fairly mellow.

If you're really, really excited, you can pre-register here and be notified as soon as it comes out.

The Nintendo Direct event for Animal Crossing can be watched on the company's website, on their YouTube channel, or niconico.

Talk about a short wait, Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp is already available for download on the Google Play Store.

While you'll spend a lot of time talking to and helping out animal friends, other real players will randomly stop by your camp from time to time.

Another change to the standard Animal Crossing flow are friendship levels for visiting animals. The main games all have the same general idea: you are a mayor of a town filled with anthropomorphic animals. Like all Animal Crossing games, time passes in real time, so you'll need to play the game throughout the day.

If you're not familiar with the Animal Crossing franchise, then you'll probably want to know what's this all about. Leaf Tickets also get you access to special parts of the game where loads of resources can be gathered. (Cyrus will be handling the building.) People can visit a beach, forest, island, and river to get items, with Breezy Hollow, Saltwater Shores, and Sunburst Island shown.

The adorable, miniaturized version of Animal Crossing takes campers to their own campsite to give them a brand new title: camp manager. Like past Animal Crossing titles, Pocket Camp is all about making friends and customizing your living space with furniture and other stylish items.

This was also not the first delay in the launch of this mobile game, initially set to launch back in 2016. Nintendo plans to introduce seasonal events with special items to help maintain interest in the game.