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Posted October 17, 2017

Baccharis pilularis flowering in a garden

Baccharis is a species of shrub belonging to the species of Baccharis pilularis in San Luis Obispo County family Asteraceae. It is native to California, Oregon, and Baja California.


It is a shrub that reaches a size less than 3 feet high. It is glabrous and sticky in general. The stems are prostrated to erect with the branches extending or ascending. The leaves are 8-55 mm long and are serrated and oblanceolate to obovate, with three main veins. The capitulescences are in a leafy panicle. The cores are hemispherical in the shape of a bell. This species is dioecious (pistillate and staminate flowers are produced in separate plants). Both staminate and pistillate are heads 3.5-5 mm long. Filarios are in 4-6 series, ovate and glabrous. The staminate flowers range from 20-30 and there are 19-43 pistillate flowers. They are found in a variety of habitats, from coastal cliffs to oak forests. Erect plants are usually mixed (and fully integrated) with prostrate plants.

It is known as a secondary pioneering plant in communities such as coastal scrubland and chaparral. In California grasslands, which are late, they invade and increase in the absence of fire or grazing. Invasion of grasslands is important because it helps establish other coastal salvia species. Baccharis pilularis is common in coastal scrub but does not regenerate under a closed shrub canopy because seedling growth is poor in the shade. Quercus agrifolia , Umbellularia californica , or other shade tolerant species replace coastal scrubland and other areas dominated by Baccharis pilularis , especially when there have been fires or grazing.

Baccharis pilularis was described by Augustin Pyrame de Candolle and published in Prodromus Systematis Naturalis Regni Vegetabilis 5: 407, 1836.

Baccharis : generic name derived from the Greek Bakkaris given in honor of Bacchus, god of wine, for a plant with a fragrant root and recycled by Linnaeus.

  • Baccharis pilularis var. angustissima DC.
  • Baccharis pilularis var. latifolia DC.
var. (DC.) Kuntze Baccharis congesta ​​i> DC. Baccharis consanguinea DC. Baccharis pilularis subsp. consanguine (DC.) C.B.Wolf