Pesticides and human health

Posted October 15, 2017

Pesticides have a specific purpose in society. Pesticides are intended to:

Kill disease-causing organisms and endanger public health Control insects, fungi and weeds that damage crops Controlling pests that destroy homes and structures vital to public safety

Because people use pesticides to kill, prevent, repel, or otherwise negatively affect a living organism (the pest), pesticides by their nature are toxic to some degree. Even less toxic products, and those that are natural or organic, can cause health problems if the person is exposed to a sufficient amount.

People come into contact with pesticides in many ways, including:

The risk of health problems depends not only on how toxic the ingredients (pesticides ingredients) are, but also on the amount of exposure to the product. In addition, certain people such as children, pregnant women, the sick or the elderly may be more sensitive to the effects of pesticides than other populations.

To reduce the risk of health problems with pesticides there are several things you can do :

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