"... love is blind and always goes crazy": Dr. Judith Harders | interLitQ

Posted October 10, 2017

Judith Harders writes:

"Freud will speak of our original helplessness. If we think about it, it is impressive to realize the time we need to be ready for the world. It is our strength and at the same time our weakness will say the psychoanalyst. The experiences of satisfaction along with the experiences of pain, will mark our way towards the other in so much love encounter. And yes, indeed, they can search for thousands of articles to deny it, to hold on to the hardest science for not thinking about it, but I regret to tell you that for a lot of hormone that there is by means, by much instinct that assures the survival of the species, love, love, is uncontrollable, unconscious, can not stop, you part as a ray and point.

A tale of oral tradition tells us that, in a great encounter between vices and virtues, madness proposed to play hide and seek. Love hid in a rose bush; madness had found all vices and virtues but not love. Sincerity denounced the hiding place and madness grabbed a stick so as not to prick itself with the thorns and it was rummaging in the rose. Suddenly there was a cry of terror and love came out with bloodied eyes. The vices and virtues denounced the madness of madness and punished her to always accompany love. This is how love is blind and always goes crazy. "