WWE Hell in a Cell 2017: Matches, Predictions & Interpretation

Posted October 09, 2017

What did you think of the "Smackdown Live" Tag Team Title Match at "Hell In A Cell?". And the two scaled the cell.

The Smack Down Tag team championship witnessed high flying Usos taking on defending champions The New Day.

Results: The Hype Bros were able to start getting momentum, but their team-up skills fell apart and Ryder ate Paydirt from Shelton.

This isn't the first time McMahon has pulled off this move, previous year at Wrestlemania 32, when he was facing the Undertaker.

The New Day (C) vs. This is the first time that the titles have been defended inside the cell, which is only fitting for a feud so personal. NOLAN HOWELL: The New Day are still the most popular team on SmackDown and some stability would be nice, so they retain.

I have no idea why the WWE continues to flog this seemingly dead horse, as there never was much synergy between these two - even at the outset, when Randy was the champion and Rusev was being given a big push. The match picked up near the end, but ended quite quickly once Orton hit the RKO. Corbin went on to claim the title by pinning Dillinger. It was a huge win for Corbin, who's had no luck since winning the Money in the Bank briefcase. As Charlotte took advantage, Natalya grabbed a chair and hit Charlotte with it. Mahal managed to defeated Shinsuke Nakamura in a clean match that was pure in-ring technical skill and haahaaahaa I can't even type that sentence with a straight face.

One of the featured fights in the event will be between Jinder Mahal and Shinsuke Nakamura.

In a surprise, WWE added Tye Dillinger to the US Title match. Mahal's reign has lasted longer than both of Ric Flair's two WWE World Championship reigns combined, and now he's passed yet another record.

This led to Bobby Roode to appear, as he's the patron saint of flashy entrances.

Perhaps we should've paid more attention a couple of weeks ago when Zayn made it clear that McMahon wasn't to come out during his match with Owens. If it's time to end this and give other teams the spotlight moving forward, it has to be the Usos' match to win. Nakamura tried his best to carry the match, but him and Mahal have no chemistry. While he wasn't quite as squeaky clean as El Generico, he still always was a babyface, though he was a little bit more willing to sink to depths in personal feuds ... like against Kevin Steen.

Kevin Owens has troubled Shane McMahon ever since AJ Styles vs Kevin Owens US Title Championship match. To his credit, some of his claims were legitimate.

Owens then crossed the line when he pummelled his father and WWE chairman Vince McMahon on Smackdown LIVE. He placed the injured Owens onto another announce table and climbed back up to the top of the cell. If insulting Shane McMahon and his family wasn't bad enough, Owens beat the living heck out of the WWE's Chairman & CEO, Vincent McMahon.

In a shocking moment, it was unveiled that it was none other then Owens' former best friend and longtime enemy Sami Zayn who had saved Owens from McMahon's elbow drop. He dragged his eternal rival through the table, Shane crashed through it, then Sami draped KO over his lifeless foe for the 1-2-3.