Sophomore slump? Cowboys 3rd loss as Packers beat Dak, Zeke

Posted October 09, 2017

There's only one Aaron Rodgers.

After the Cowboys scored a touchdown to go up 31-28 with 1:13 left, Rodgers took the field, needing only to get into field-goal range to tie the game. The odds are against every quarterback in that situation, even Rodgers.

Nelson, who is up to sixth touchdowns receiving, wasn't on the field during the winning drive.

BENGALS 20, BILLS 16: A.J. Green had a hand in three turnovers that kept it close, but the receiver also pulled off a 77-yard touchdown and another long catch that set up a score.

They only needed three more plays and 42 more seconds.

CHARGERS 27, GIANTS 22: Philip Rivers threw a 10-yard touchdown pass to Melvin Gordon with 2:58 to play, and the Los Angeles Chargers rallied to beat NY in a game worthy of two teams that started the season 0-4.

But like the week before, when the Rams kicked a field goal at the end of the second quarter and then came out and added three more points on their first possession of the third quarter, so too did the Packers seemingly start a momentum shift. 13 plays and 54 yards later, Baltimore had driven a stake through Oakland's heart with the kind of drive that's largely evaded the Raiders for the past three games. He was flushed left out of the pocket, outran David Irving to the edge and headed down the sideline and out of bounds after an 18-yard scramble with 21 second let. It seemed nearly academic after that.

Adams made the grab on the 12 yard pass from Rodgers, and with just over 11 seconds left on the clock the Packers were back in front. He does get called for taunting after the score, but the Packers are up 28-24. Over the next eight minutes and 43 seconds of game time, they did just about everything right.

That final drive, one of the best in recent memory, given the stakes, started at the Packers own 25.

With under 1:30 remaining and the Cowboys in the redzone, Garrett, Scott Linehan or Dak Prescott opted for a throw to Dez Bryant rather than a run on 2nd and 1 from the 11-yard line. A catch by Beasley was ruled a first down and reversed, as was Elliott's fourth-down plunge when he was ruled short but replay showed the ball reaching Green Bay's 19-yard line. Prescott's pass fell incomplete, stopping the clock and preserving the Packers' final timeout.

And Rodgers delivered yet another soul-crushing defeat to the Cowboys on Sunday afternoon that had defensive end Tyron Crawford twice refer to Rodgers as a magician in a brief interview. "But it's good to have him back out there".

While the Packers came in with a record of 3-1, the Cowboys stepped onto the field with a less favorable predicted outcome. The Eagles haven't exactly been world beaters, with their last three wins coming over the 0-5 Giants, 1-4 Chargers and 2-3 Cardinals, but they've mostly taken care of business this year. When I went to the hospital and saw him the other night, he was back to his normal self, joking around, trying to break out of the hospital.

As the Cowboys sit at 2-3 heading into their bye, the days as a favorite are starting to feel a world away. While the home team jumped out to the advantage for the first three quarters, it was #Aaron Rodgers and Green Bay with a spirited fourth-quarter comeback.