The Water Authority Offers Incentives and Programs for a WaterSmart Lifestyle | San Diego County Water Authority

Posted October 06, 2017

We can help you make your contribution to save water. Being WaterSmart means recognizing that San Diego is one of only a handful of places in the country where you can enjoy making a living indoors and outdoors.

throughout the year, and where devices can be installed to save water in the interior and create gardens with efficient use of water in the exterior to do so. Being WaterSmart means spending less water and more in life.
These are incentives, programs, tools and resources that everyone in the region of San Diego can use in their search to be WaterSmart:

Discounts on devices for efficient water use

The San Diego County Water Authority and several member agencies have teamed up with The Home Depot to deliver significant savings at the San Diego County Fairground Plant Fair in Spring and Fall. p> During plant fairs, The Home Depot stores will offer discounts on specially marked containers of plants that require little water like lavender, bougainvillea, garlic and rosemary. Industry experts will be present at plant fairs to provide information on irrigation inputs for efficient water use, and to teach selecting and growing plants that consume little water. Certified nursery consultants at The Home Depot will be teaching workshops, and staff at local retail water agencies will be on hand to provide information on water conservation programs and services.

Click here for see the dates and sites of upcoming plant fairs.

Digital Guide to a WaterSmart Lifestyle

Our digital guide is your reference resource to save water efficiently in San Diego County. In addition to tips for saving water indoors, this digital guide will guide you in planning, installing and maintaining a WaterSmart landscape. With a simple mouse click, users can browse the guide and other useful sites to know where they can take gardening classes, which websites will help them research a product or find the perfect plant, how much water they use, when to water, what area of ​​plants they live in, who to hire, how much fertilizer is needed and much more.

Click here to open our digital guide to a WaterSmart lifestyle.

Grass Replacement Program

In addition to SoCal grass discount Water $ mart, the Water Authority's WaterSmart Grass Replacement Program offers a $ 1.50 per square foot incentive to eligible customers to replace existing grass that needs a lot of water for water-efficient gardening. Customers can receive up to $ 3,000 for residential properties and up to $ 9,000 for commercial properties. This program is funded by grants from the California Department of Water Resources and the Federal Rescue Office. The incentives will be distributed on a first-come, first-served basis until the grant funds are exhausted. Existing grass disposal / replacement projects will not be eligible.

For complete program requirements, landscape criteria, and other details, visit WaterSmart Grass Replacement Program. h2> Artificial Grass Discount Program

As part of its drought response efforts, the San Diego County Water Authority has launched a pilot program designed to help reduce cost of replacing the grass that needs a lot of water for artificial grass. Under this public-private partnership, customers can get a 10% discount on products and services from participating artificial grass companies. The discount will be available whether the installation is performed by an artificial grass company or directly by the customer who buys only materials. For more information, visit Artificial Grass Discount Program.

California landscape training classes

The San Diego County Water Authority and its member agencies have partnered with the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California to offer free WaterSmart gardening training classes. The classes present a holistic approach to landscape design and maintenance that emphasizes water efficiency.

Three-hour seminars are dynamic and informative. They offer solutions to common gardening problems. Participants will learn to think of landscapes from the ground up. In turn, they will learn to design sustainable landscapes in the San Diego climate. Class topics include optimizing the use of the region's limited rainfall, efficient irrigation, and choosing the best plants for each yard.

vacancies are limited and prior enrollment is required.

Click here to find the dates and places of the classes in your area.

WaterSmart's Most Efficient Gardening Series

This FREE series is designed to give homeowners a comprehensive overview, as well as the basic capabilities needed to successfully convert one traditional grass yard in a WaterSmart garden.

This educational series offers the possibility to learn in a practical way through modules designed to guide participants in acquiring the key competencies needed to retrofit a garden successfully. After completing the series, all participants will have a garden design ready to implement.