Gun control events with Giffords canceled after mass shooting in Las Vegas

Posted October 06, 2017

Mr. McCarthy said he lost three constituents in the attack and has others in the hospital. Still, Congress refuses to act.

Instead, he issued a statement that said: "I, along with every American, am shocked by the devastating tragedy in Las Vegas and continue to keep the victims and their families in my thoughts and prayers". He stopped short of addressing gun measures. It was eventually folded into the 21st Century Cures Act and signed by then-President Barack Obama. And the House Republican majority under Mr. Ryan's leadership has surely made that point quite forcefully - particularly when it comes to funding mental health care.

Aside from those actions, though, other examples are hard to find.

Congress worked to pass a weapons bill in 2013, but it was stopped by Republicans.

Following the Orlando Shootings previous year, Democrats tried to pass a legislature that would prohibit the sale of guns to people under terrorism investigation or those on the federal no-fly list.

Democrats think that Republicans who advocate for gun rights are in the pocket of the NRA and other similar groups, while Republicans feel that Democrats just want to trick us into giving up our 2nd Amendment rights. If the bill passes, then someone who carries a gun in Nevada-which does not require a permit for carrying a concealed weapon-would be able to bring that weapon to California or NY without applying for a permit or undergoing a background check, as required by state law. At the heart of the U.S. Congress's reluctance to take steps to address the regular occurrence of gun rampages in public spaces is the insidious lobbying on Capitol Hill by the deep-pocketed National Rifle Association and a myriad of gun manufacturers. "Does that mean they won't get them illegally?" According to Politico, Republicans were expecting to bring the bill to the House floor soon, but in the wake of the Las Vegas shooting, top Republican leaders have not commented on their plans for the bill. Blumenthal said Congress is "complicit each day it fails to act". And for the second time on Tuesday, Schumer ramped up pressure on the President, partly using a page out of Trump's own playbook: flattery. "When is the time to debate this?" Right now, Republicans in the House of Representatives are focused on legislation to make crime more convenient by ending regulations on silencers and enabling concealed guns to be carried in places where they are expressly unwanted, and by people with no training or background check.

GOP leaders had been considering bringing that bill to the floor soon but now have no plans to do so. The House had been poised to consider a bill aimed at supporting hunters, fishers and anglers, but it's not on the schedule, Ryan said.

"That bill is not scheduled now; I don't know when it's going to be scheduled", he said.

Lt. Governor Wyman said, "We join the country in mourning the citizens who were killed in Las Vegas last night". However, legislators in Washington are still unmoved about gun control dynamic. In Australia, a country with its own proud gun culture, a 1996 mass shooting inspired its legislature to get to work.

"This isn't just about what happened in Nevada, which is reason enough to do something, but it's happening on the streets of our cities on a daily basis", Pelosi said.

There's a good chance we might never know what possessed a reclusive, anti-social gambler with deep pockets to go on the most murderous shooting spree in American history, which took the lives of 59 innocent people, including Tewksbury resident Rhonda LeRocque, and injured 527 others. "This is an issue about saving lives and repairing our communities", he said.

There were sharp partisan divides on whether gun laws should be tightened, with 78 percent of Democrats in favor of more restrictive laws while 68 percent of Republicans opposed them.