North Korea threatens Japan with 'nuclear cloud', asks to resist 'suicidal deed'

Posted October 05, 2017

Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un have traded insults over the past several weeks, with Kim calling Trump a "dotard".

North Korea is fast advancing toward its goal of developing a nuclear-tipped missile capable of hitting the USA mainland.

"#DPRK will not obtain a nuclear capability". The North professes to not even be interested in diplomacy unless the USA abandons its "hostile policy". -North Korean diplomacy has survived.

The composition of the seven member Politburo Standing Committee will change with the retirement of three pro-North Korea members.

North Korea are huge favourites to win the most medals at the International Weightlifting Federation (IWF) World Championships being staged by the USA from November 27 to December 5.

"Egypt will continue to abide by all Security Council resolutions and will always be in conformity with these resolutions as they restrain military purchases from North Korea", an embassy statement said, according to The Post.

The visit comes as relations between the two superpowers appear to be improving after months of tensions over how to handle North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un's nuclear provocations.

Joshua H. Pollack, editor of the The Nonproliferation Review and a senior research associate at the James Martin Center for Nonproliferation Studies, noted however that Pyongyang might not be playing close attention to the State Department. Soon after that event, Trump said he backed the Saudi effort because Qatar was historically "a funder of terrorism at a very high level". "I think everyone would like for it to calm down. They're watching what Trump says and does!"

The Trump administration has been putting significant pressure on Beijing to rein in its nuclear neighbor, but the Chinese have resisted, only taking action when the USA raises the stakes. He expressed surprise to hear remarks of this sort in a planned speech, as opposed to off-the-cuff remarks (an apparent reference to 'fire and fury').

"I think the whole situation's a bit overheated right now", Tillerson said. Its nuclear weapon tests threaten public health and the economy in northeastern China, and are forcing the Chinese government to reconsider its friendship.

Nevertheless, the duration of China's sanctions on Kim's regime remained uncertain. China had to get rid of these cargos before the September 5 deadline of the sanctions came.

The measures taken by the city government will "have a big impact because we had been able to hire North Korean workers on the cheap", said a senior official of a factory in Dandong that now employs North Korean workers.

"Probably a Hwasong-12, but I wouldn't rule out a -14", Lewis said.

While still insisting that the "U.S. needs to "ensure we have military options", Mattis termed the current approach to nuclear-armed North Korea "a dynamic balance as we try to go forward with a solution".

But none of the economic pressure has forced Kim's government to even slow down a nuclear acceleration that could soon put the entire United States within range.

Asked whether there was a danger in the U.S. not signalling a clear and consistent strategy to North Korea, Senator Payne said: "From my perspective, and I work with the Secretary of Defence, the position is very clear and I have no concerns about that".