Miley Cyrus Honors Las Vegas Victims During 'Fallon' Performance

Posted October 05, 2017

Miley Cyrus sang a moving tribute to the victims of the Las Vegas shooting on the Tonight Show.

Miley Cyrus was all set to entertain the viewers of "The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon" for a whole week, but following the Las Vegas shooting, where a man shot to death 59 people with 400 getting injured, she opted for a change in her plans.

It was a warm and attractive segment that reminds us to be ever-hopeful, even in the face of so much cruelty and despair, and to remember that if politics really were just a popularity contest, then Clinton would've won by about three million votes. But the interview soon took a different turn during Jimmy's popular "Thank You Notes" segment, where she was read a series of short, poignant "notes" from female Tonight Show writers and Miley Cyrus.

Clinton continued to talk about the issues, specifically the recent calls by Democrats, and some Republicans, to tighten gun control laws, following the Las Vegas massacre.

The singer also performed her 2009 hit "The Climb", which she hadn't performed in years.

Of the country lean on her new album, Miley said, "People have been asking me, 'Is this like a re-introduction of yourself?' But it's not that at all".

"The reason why that's the best thing that's ever happened to me in my life is that's when I realised my power".

"When we broke up, he wanted to get away from me", she explained.

Songwriter Timothy Thomas has even said Miley specifically asked for music which "feels black", so listening to her sing about living in a Rainbowland is hard to swallow now, especially when Younger Now opens with a song about change; an apparent effort to pre-emptively defend the sharp U-turn.

The 24-year-old's latest album Younger Now was released on September 29. Standing beside a puppet that channeled her much younger self at the album release party, Liam Hemsworth's girlfriend stated that marionette was there to "represent that the same person that's standing here right now is the same person that's here beside me, which is Baby Miley, which is always inside me".

This latest edition saw Fallon perform a soft rock version of "Cotton-Eyed Joe" and a Latin take on Sublime's "Santeria", while Cyrus turned R Kelly's "Ignition (Remix)' into bluegrass and then transformed 'Bodak Yellow" into a pop number. "And I waited because I thought they don't need me saying, 'Hey, send naval assets, get the hospital ship comfort down there, ' but a couple of days later nothing was happening".