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Posted September 29, 2017

It's a little over 8 in the morning and the entrance to the Fanny Mickey National Theater, a space that welcomes the CreativeMornings / Bogotá community for the first time, is full of people. There are only a few minutes to enable the entry of more than 300 attendees.

Inside, Carolina Angarita prepares her presentation and poses for some photos. "Carolina?" I ask when the photographer sets her free. He turns around, while answering "Yes" and nods slightly. It complements his affirmative gesture with a smile that invites to converse. I ask you to give me a definition of equality and respond instantly: "It is equity of opportunities, possibilities, skills, knowledge and recognition." Carolina studied Social Communication and Journalism at the Javeriana University, in International Journalism at Westminster University in London, and has 20 years of experience in various media. She is currently the General Manager for Google Colombia and is the creator of the Fundación Conexamiento, an organization that is responsible for spreading knowledge to improve people's physical, spiritual and emotional health.

family, starting with Juli, her 6-year-old daughter, her boyfriend and closest friends. He loves sushi, but recently he was told that he is intolerant of gluten and rice. "Gluten does not matter to me, I eat like a chick and I can survive at the tip of arepa and corn crackers, but the rice does traumatize me," he concludes. He is also interested in any topic that connects science with spirituality. In relation to that latter his favorite authors are Gregg Braden, Joe Dispenza and Wayne Dyer.

One day, after giving up work and while driving, began to cry disconsolate. Tears were just a form in which the emptiness he felt tried to manifest. "Why?" He asked himself.

Days later, in a meeting with lawyers and about to sign a major contract, a call came from his father and, at the insistence, decided to answer. p>

He had called her to tell her she had cancer. With the optimism that characterizes her, she told him that the disease had a cure. "Not Carolina, I have more than 20 metastases." Tears again made a come out of the meeting and came to the street thought: "Crying is useless, I have to do something," so he decided to buy a book on a diet based on juices to treat the disease.

A few days later he exposed the case to specialists and told him that nothing could be done. When he hung up, he forced himself to believe nothing of what he had been told. She did not tell anyone about her conversation and began reading and researching with her entire family. In the midst of learning, Carolina encounters something she defines as Spiritual Health: "It's that motivation to live, that which occupies the void that sometimes fills us, while telling us: I want to go out to eat the world today! ", and that finally translates into the meaning of serving others.

Fuego Helado
Fuego Helado @_Fuegohelado

With the treatment, the levels of acidity in his father's body began to diminish and began to show signs of improvement, he was able to perform different activities and, at each control, doctors were astonished at how well he was.

After the loss of her father, Carolina experienced a time when everything made sense. He understood the way the different spheres of his life connected with each other and what his mission and purpose in life was.

He firmly believes in the right we all have to know and that this premise holds the meaning of equality. That was one of the reasons why he founded his Connection Connection Foundation. From that moment on she began to feel good and the material, emotional and work aspects of her life were tuned to the same frequency.

In 2015, life shows her that she is on the right path and contact her for

To end her talk, Carolina shares the 8 guidelines behind Google culture among which stand out: "Innovation not instantaneous perfection

b>, license to dream and share what you can "; totally according to his way of navigating life.

CreativeMornings / Bogotá would like to thank all the people and companies who made this talk possible. To the assistants and creative community and volunteers for their commitment in each event; to the National Theater Fanny Mickey for welcoming us in its pleasant facilities and for its continuous support to the culture and creativity; to Comapan and Nescafé for providing us with a delicious breakfast; to Ícaro Films for all audiovisual production of the event; a Digital Palette that, from the beginning of the chapter, has supported us with all the printed material, and Andrés Bernal together with Sebastián Esguerra for the photographic record.