Colors Spanish Immersion Preschool: Plants and Spring

Posted September 25, 2017

We started talking about plants (plants) and spring , including parts of plants, what plants need, how they grow, etc. Some plants we observed outside are flowers, grass, trees and shrubs . We "planted" bean seeds (seeds) by putting them in bags with wet cotton balls and taping the bags to our windows. This shows the children that we need to seed for a plant to grow and the plant needs water, nutrients, air and sun to grow.

We also sang a song called Let it rain, let it rain:

Let it rain, let it rain i> La Vieja of the cave.

The little birds sing, the mother rises.

I do not think that it rains a shower

We sang the song a little too well because the next week it started raining and it rained all week long giving enough water to all the plants around us!