Houston CityPASS & reg; official | Visit 5 Houston attractions for 59 & nbsp; $

Posted September 24, 2017

Using Houston CityPASS is very simple. Just go to attractions with your CityPASS notebook or your coupon. The staff present at each place will know exactly what to do.

Once you have your CityPASS notebooks, your group can be divided, and you can visit the places of interest in the order you choose. And Houston CityPASS in your city is valid for nine (9) consecutive days from the first day of use , so you have to hurry to go through all the attractions; you can see them at your own pace. If you buy a CityPASS booklet today, it will expire on February 28, 2019. If you buy a coupon today, you will have to redeem it for a booklet within 6 months.

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Houston CityPASS & reg; official | Visit 5 Houston attractions for 59 & nbsp; $

With CityPASS, you will not have to make any payment additional when entering. Everything that is specified in your CityPASS entry is included at no extra cost.

CityPASS Advantage: With CityPASS, you can skip many queues to buy tickets. For information on access instructions for each point of interest, see the booklet entries. In order to enter certain places of interest, you may need to redeem your CityPASS entry for an entry to that location.

You will see that there are several "optional tickets" in the notebook that allow you to choose from several attractions. You do not have to decide in advance which of them you want to go to - you can do it when you get there. If you want to go to several, many of our attractions with an optional ticket offer admission discounts (see the coupons section on the back of your ticket book).