poet costa rica - Beyond Language

Posted September 23, 2017

There is an idea
I want to express in simple words.

The idea appears in the mind
jumps to the mouth
explodes in the air < br> It mutates in word
and travels in concept

all this
to be reborn as idea
in the mind of another.

But returning to the idea itself.

This is a fat idea, big and almost universal. You have to visualize it to understand it.

Imagine that the idea is a vast and open field, with no limits or restrictions of any kind. )
I'm getting one by one
things that exist.
You know, trees, houses,
people, clouds, buildings,
airplanes, smoke, sand; but also the things that exist but only in the mind
like mythological figures, numbers, formulas, memories, hopes,
all these things and I place them in the space of my universal idea,
every thing next to a thing
similar or dissimilar,
concrete thing next to concrete thing,
abstract thing next to abstract thing,
but also concrete thing next to abstract thing
and vice versa:
a number on top of a cat, an emotion
in the shadow a tree, a sentence
between the frame of a door,
to the word etc. appears within my idea, at the end of the infinite row of things piled up without end.

This is the idea that contains all things. > the world, including all the ideas of the world.-That is, not only are there fat things in my idea, like fat lions or fat moons, but also
is the idea of ​​fat inside of me idea.

I just need to put a last idea to my idea. > And it's an idea identical to my universal idea.-But I have my doubts about what is going to happen
when I put an identical idea
the field of the same idea.

The curious thing is that in my universal idea there are all these questions about the repercussion (s) of introducing a universal idea into another identical universal idea.

p> There are also the answers to these questions, but there are so many answers that I find in my universal idea that it is impossible for me to determine what are correct answers and what are wrong answers. But without entering into abstruse and possibly absurd discussions about the future of my idea, I wanted to tell you that the idea
has been able to fit in my head
like a ring to finger. The world is small when compared to my great idea.

In fact, when I write poems I do not even come back to see the world, but rather I dedicate myself to study
and traverse the idea to reveal the symmetries and paradoxes that I find in it.