To DACA Perchance to Dream

Posted September 21, 2017

But the first step, she said, must be the Dreamers, who are newly at risk of deportation after President Trump rescinded the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program earlier in the month.

Hours after U.S Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi was rattled by protesters at an event in San Francisco, the House Democratic Minority Leader found solace from a crowd at Sacramento State University.

Pelosi then said that showcasing Dreamers will not only benefit themselves, but also their parents, as she wants to reflect the teaching values these young individuals received through "how beautifully they were raised". Several dozen young immigrants shouted down Pelosi, the top Democrat in the House, during the event, after her recent conversations with President Trump over the future of a program that grants many of them legal status. Trump's decision on DACA, while causing some Republicans to squirm, was the right call and will hopefully bring certainty codified in USA law to people who deserve a sturdier legal status than Barack Obama's constitutionally flimsy executive order.

Some had seen DACA as a bargaining chip to get enough Democrats to vote for a US taxpayer-funded big border wall between the USA and Mexico that the president had promised his base.

Trump's apparent willingness to work with Democrats "Chuck and Nancy" rather than his own party's leaders who control Congress, and his repeated attacks on Republicans, has fueled suggestions he is striking out on his own, all too willing to leave his party in the dust. The bill would grant citizenship to anyone who came to the US under age 18, has pursued a high school diploma and has been in the country for more than four years.

Trump and Pelosi share one trait - neither is known for talking with precision.

On Monday, Pelosi, along with Reps. In August, U.S. Sen. They also demanded a "clean bill" without any provisions for additional border security, as Mr. Trump said he wants.

"There isn't an agreement and if we don't fix the problems we have with border security and enforcement and we would only fix DACA, we're going to have another DACA problem a decade from now", Ryan said at an afternoon news conference.

Pelosi, in remarks to reporters afterward, took a pragmatic approach: "Trump has the signature", she said.

The White House denied the deal nearly instantly. "We believe in pushing people who say they're on our side, not those who are not".

Trump, meanwhile, says he is talking about DACA, not the DREAM Act, so he appears to stand on stronger ground than Pelosi on his amnesty remark.

"I don't know why it it's so hard for this administration - whether it's on climate or on Iran or on our strategy of defeating ISIS - to acknowledge that the prior administration did some things right", Schiff said.

"What do you think the reaction of the real Trump hardliners - the real base - will be if they get a deal on DACA that includes citizenship and doesn't include a wall as it had been commonly thought to exist?"