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Posted September 20, 2017

I've already returned from my vacation with no children or husband last week. And it served much to recharge the patience: I read a lot, I rested, I walked like crazy and I ate delicious. New York is a beauty for professional tragedies like me. There is all kinds of food, with many options and many budgets.

It is a city that I love to go to, and more like for adults, because, although the city is great, it is less friendly and tolerant of the boys. The last time we went as a family, I had no children, but we were already 10 in the family and it was a relief. Then I went on a trip to NY with only my mom and my one-year-old dwarf, and they hit us from various places because they were not serving children.

This time we were just my mom, my sister and me, what I had never passed and walked like crazy and ate in new and delicious places and others that are already drawer every time we go. We went to Balthazar's which is a New York classic, it's in Soho and it has delicious bread. Always there, I always ask for Benedictine Eggs. We went to Ippudo who makes the best noodles in the world (which I know) and it is wonderful. We went for the first time to Momofuku, which is by David Chang, and I was surprised by how simple the dishes were but wonderful, I ate some noodles in garbanzo sauce, delicious pepper and cheese and Le Bernardin, which is fine dinning and which I could never have gone if my parents did not cook dinner. It is pure seafood and fish, and when I say cigars, I mean they do not serve absolutely anything red meat unless they are ordered days before. In addition to crossing with some great places to snack and eat "light" (which means to Meillón does not end up to the mother to be able to get stuck later).