Kingsman: The Golden Circle

Posted Сентября 19, 2017

Kingsman: The Golden Circle hits theaters on September 22. "Just getting to the end of Matthew Vaughn's new film feels like chewing through a 15-tog quilt", he wrote. Rather than rehashing the arc of the first film, the sequel wisely has Eggsy faced with learning new lessons instead as he struggles to balance his duties as a Kingsman with his relationship with his beloved Princess Tilde (Hanna Alström). In an action movie landscape littered with conflicted, self-hating action anti-heroes, the Kingsman agents, with their immaculate suits and bullet proof umbrellas, harken back to time when you could be a proper gentleman while blowing everything and everyone to smithereens.

From what's been said so far it may sound like Kingsman: The Golden Circle is a disaster of a follow-up to arguably one of the best action films of the decade so far, but it's more a matter of a rocky first hour that is disoriented in combining the forces of the spy organizations.

Kingsman: The Golden Circle starts with a stellar opening sequence; a backseat tussle in a London taxi triggered by Prince's Let's Go Crazy, where doors, glove compartments and boot passages form a hyper-kinetic compact dance between two secret agents. Then there's what seems like a pointless trip to a spectacular Italian mountaintop ski station that at first smacks of a homage to On Her Majesty's Secret Service but then turns out to hold the potential solution to the world's great dilemma.

Julianne Moore, especially, has never been on more callously fun form - possessing an unpredictable ditsy quality which is hilariously unsettling. These gimmicks are as broad, silly and enjoyable as the first film's - a shootout involving twirling six-guns is one highlight.

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The A-list cast will also be joined at the showbiz event by the movie's director Matthew Vaughn and writer Jane Goldman. It's so willing to kill characters that there's a real sense of danger, although since it's also cavalier about bringing them back, everything remains within the bounds of very dark comedy. A couple of characters are introduced, then they just sort of disappear. Now, of course, not all of them are meant to. Now, three years later, the sequel is here and the result is spending more time with characters you like, but losing a fair amount of the original's edge.

Despite these flaws, The Golden Circle is still worth the watch.

Molly Freeman, Screen Rant: "Kingsman: The Golden Circle doubles down on slick action and spy genre riffs, but adds enough fresh and fun elements to provide an exciting sequel". The recent trailer release of the film is leaving no stone unturned to make the fans crave. The cinematography, production design, soundtrack, and fast paced editing are all right on target in a bloated action vehicle that makes a promise to deliver Kingsman devotees a much larger serving of this madness that doesn't take itself the least bit seriously, and neither should anyone else.

He was nervous about joining the cast but Julianne and Colin helped him feel at home, while for Colin, who returns as Harry Hart, he revealed it was a "dream come true" to work with the iconic singer as he had begged him to be in the first one. With The Golden Circle, Vaughn has proved that this is a franchise with legs.

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