Plant Nanny - water reminder with nice plants in the App Store

Posted September 17, 2017


BEST APPLICATION OF 2013 in the App Store **
Downloaded more than 8 000 000 times! ***

Plant Nanny combines health and fun to remind you to drink water regularly.
The cute plant keeps you company every day living on the phone. keep her alive and help her grow, and give her water every certain time.

Nanny plant in the App Store rankings:
Top 1 in Germany
Top 1 in Russia
Top 1 in Italy
Top 1 in Brazil
Top 1 in Norway
Top 1 in 10 other countries

Classification in Health and Wellness:
Top 1 in Taiwan
Top 1 in Japan
Top 1 in France
Top 1 in China
Top 1 in Italy
Top 1 in Hong Kong Top 1 in Germany Top 1 in other 15 countries

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Informed by 36kr

- Several lovely and lovely plants
- Different types of pots
- type of common drinking cups
- Change of scene from day to night
- Drinking history
- Share your joys and plant with the friends on Facebook

Let your health and your plant grow!

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No tutorial & amp ; seeds glitch
by Size feature