Apple Watch 3 launched with impressive features and accurate sensors

Posted September 14, 2017

It's important to note that with the launch of the Series 3, Apple has apparently discontinued the Apple Watch Series 2, which arrived a year ago.

While developers had access to beta versions of the new software since WWDC, Apple didn't make it part of the public beta program. "Now you can go for a run with just your watch and still be connected". Check out more photos of Apple's newest watch ahead.

The Apple Watch Series 3 is the first smartwatch from Apple to come with LTE support.

Apple announced its new Watch iteration today.

It is the first Apple Watch to contain its own mobile phone signal in a small electronic SIM, with the screen acting as the antenna. So, this tells us the Apple Watch can do many things without the need of iPhone. All this meant that there was little surprise that Apple Watch Series 3 would be in the works and that it would have some new bells and whistles.

The Apple Watch 3 gives users the ability to do a lot more sans a smartphone.

There are more than a dozen carriers around the world with support for the Apple Watch, and that number will nearly double later this year.

Apple is promising the 18 hours of battery backup which is quite good enough. The immediate reaction from the observes watching the event was that in terms of the external appearance there was hardly much to distinguish it from the Series 2 Apple watch. It starts with Siri. However, Apple did not specify exactly about how much time it will stay in the active mode with a single charge by having the LTE connectivity. Both versions of the Series 3 have Global Positioning System. Siri has gotten a bigger role to play since the AI can now speak directly to a user using the built-in speaker.

The Apple Watch Edition 3 is coming to Indian market very soon with a price tag of INR 29,999.

watchOS 4 features an updated Heart Rate app, giving even more insight to heart rate, including measurements during resting, workout, recovery, walking and Breathe sessions. Atrial fibrillation, also called AFib, is a leading cause of stroke, but the watch may be able to prevent it. And of course, you can still take it swimming.

"97 percent customer satisfaction rate". But that changed with the LTE chip. According to Apple, you can stream 40 million melodies on your wrist.

Cook began by saying more users have the watch than ever before. The eSim will be provisioned through the device itself, making it easy to switch between supported carriers but impossible to sign up with one unsupported by Apple.