South Korea will add more missile defense launchers to arsenal

Posted September 13, 2017

Bob Corker, the Republican chairman of the Foreign Relations committee, said Trump has not yet demonstrated the stability or competence to be a successful president. "I would prefer not going the route of the military, but it's something certainly that could happen".

"I do believe that whatever makes it into the final text and is adopted by consensus hopefully will have significant consequences on the economic pressure against North Korea".

Putin, speaking after an global gathering in China, said Russian Federation condemned North Korea's "provocative" actions.

On Tuesday, Putin warned of a global catastrophe unless a diplomatic solution was reached over North Korea, rejecting USA calls for more sanctions as "useless", widening the split between major powers over how to rein in Pyongyang.

"Such North Korea's nuclear challenges violate the UN Security Council resolutions", the Russian president has said.

Moon's trip also follows the North's latest nuclear test staged Sunday.

But the nuclear test changed all that.

The UN in early August imposed new sanctions on Pyongyang with a sweeping ban on exports of coal, iron, lead, and seafood that could eliminate $1 billion in annual revenues.

"It s hard for an economy to run without access to energy resources and North Korea doesn t drill its own oil, it s the lifeblood of its military", said the senior administration official.

North Korea's largest trading partner, China, has urged all sides to ratchet down their rhetoric.

Concerns are also mounting that North Korea is ready to carry out another nuclear test and may test-launch an intercontinental ballistic missile again around key anniversaries including Saturday, the anniversary of North Korea's founding.

On the other hand, Moon Jae-in has drawn attention to the possibility of escalating tensions on the Korean Peninsula.

"Russia and Japan are steadily building up mutual trust, mutually beneficial cooperation, which can not but promote the creation of a favourable atmosphere for finding a solution for the peace treaty".

In order for the resolution to be adopted, more than nine of the 15 permanent as well as non-permanent members of the Security Council must vote in favor of further sanctions.

A separate article warns South Korea that "the not a protector of the south Korean people but arrogant aggressor and root cause of misfortune and disaster".

The US president took that diplomatic pressure a step further on Sunday, warning that he was considering "stopping all trade with any country doing business with North Korea".

"It shows the United States commitment if North Korea attacks South Korea or Japan", said political science professor, Dr. Malcolm Koch.

US President Donald Trump has urged China to do more to rein in its neighbour, which has pursued its weapons programmes in defiance of United Nations sanctions and worldwide condemnation.

As Japan and South Korea have sought to coordinate their response to North Korea, Abe and Moon remained apart on historical issues, in particular that of Korean "comfort women" forced into wartime brothels for the Japanese military.

South Korea installed the four remaining launchers of a U.S. anti-missile Terminal High Altitude Area Defense (THAAD) system on a former golf course south of its capital, Seoul, early on Thursday.