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Posted September 13, 2017

The word "creativity" derives from the Latin "creare", which is related to "grow", which means to grow; therefore the word creativity means "to create out of nothing".

For me to talk about creativity is to talk about a creative process that gives us the opportunity to research and find new skills that we did not know before. , to be clear that creativity is not only to do something tangible: order the room, clean the house, the office or some messy corner so that it looks nice and well presented, but, part of the creativity is to brainstorm a project to be developed, give your opinion, make decisions to tackle obstacles, and be part of the solution.

Guiford, a great psychologist, emphasized the skills characteristic of creative individuals : fluidity, flexibility, originality and divergent thinking.

Considering what the Guiford says, I believe that in every human being there is a creativity that many can bring to light or can be kept in a small corner of his thoughts by the fact of being afraid to what they will say or to fail; I believe that part of the expression has to do with creativity, because failure or fear is part of a process of life, of thoughts, of the ability to say things without offending or damage the integrity of a person. p>

Openness comes from the Latin "opening", and as a concept is used to designate the action of opening something that is closed, also with the sense of inauguration or beginning to refer to the attitude of tolerance or compromise towards innovation or to the ideas of others.

This is closely related to the concept of creativity, however, in Colibri, as a principle of common good, the openness they give us is incredible, at least for my part I can not say that I feel limited to want to fly with my ideas, for example, as an instructor I can elaborate or design a game, do it and if it works, value sharing it with the other teachers to use it as a tool in the classes; another example is when we travel, we always go where we want, we ourselves distribute tasks and everything comes out as natural as possible and of course, with all the love and commitment to want to do things with good will.

Now, as a team, we are in the task of thinking about new strategies that benefit Colibrí and ourselves as part of a business, professional and personal plan.

Thank you Colibrí for letting us fly and dreaming

Written by Marilyn Mantilla
Instructor of Spanish as a Foreign Language