What to expect of the new iPhone — APPLE EVENT

Posted September 12, 2017

iPhone 8 and 8 Plus available in new colours - silver, gold and traditional space grey.

Major features of the new phone including its anticipated name are flooding the internet. According to the reports, new iPhone will have a larger screen than iPhone 7 plus. On this 12 September, the event from Apple is just a day away and the iPhone X will be launch which is the main highlight of the event.

Apple is rumoured to be planning to call its next smartphone the iPhone X, a move which will be a break from its traditional numerical naming.

Besides confirming the new wireless charging feature, Robert Hwang, CEO of Taiwan-based iPhone assembler Wistron, also revealed that the forthcoming smartphones will have a water-resistant design.

Apple is set to unveil the next iPhone - or maybe three - today. The other new gadgets like Apple Gen 3 series watch with the support of LTE-enabled SIM. The company is expected to announce three new iPhones, including a special high-end version that could cost upwards of $1,000. Each will have an OLED display similar to what we've seen on the Samsung Galaxy phones.

The screen is edge-to-edge and uses Super Retina display. However, Apple may not increase the actual size of the footprint.

Apple likes to preach to the faithful, so there are the usual restrictions in place. It is probably going to be the company's biggest launch in years. The new model may get further up gradation.

Every year, the release of the new iPhone lowers prices for previous models, typically by $100, which would bring the iPhone 7 to a $550 price tag, and the iPhone 7 Plus to $670. On the bright side though, Apple chose to compensate for that by developing a new Face ID recognition software.

The leaked images have also hinted on a 3D camera. Nonetheless, this recent iOS 11 leak confirms this feature. The "SmartCam" is said to differentiate between different scenes and objects. Frustratingly, Apple still restricts who can actually watch this stream-if you're on Chrome (even on a Mac), for instance, you won't be able to tune in.