National Football League picks: Predictions for Saints vs. Vikings

Posted September 12, 2017

Peterson brings his new club, the New Orleans Saints, into U.S. Bank Stadium on Monday night for its season opener against the Vikings.

"It's just always insane sitting back and seeing how, just because, you know, I'm 32 now, people say, 'Oh, well, he's losing it because this back or that back lost it around that time, '" Peterson said. The problem is that, after passing the 2016 with so little impact in the game, began the training fields with what was understood was a blow to the leg that did not seem to be gravity.

The Saints' offense didn't fare much better than their defense, with 344 total yards and 4-of-11 on third-down conversions. But it reverted to the ugly pile of mess we're so accustomed to watching 16 times a season by the end of the first half. I thought the tempo was great tonight.

I feel like such a sucker.

The Vikings' OL was disastrous last season.

Zimmer said the situations that came up throughout the game were ones they've practiced and anticipated. I've been through worse in my life. With the Vikings, you get the feeling their attitude was don't go away mad, just go away. Hats off to Minnesota.

"We were just playing our responsibilities, nothing insane". It's all the same. A career game. Sam Bradford? "Let's not try to spin it like it is", Peterson said (via ESPN). They played fast. They played confident. "And they were good, too". "Listen, I'd tell you if we were in a heated exchange, so why don't you ask him?" the coach said. It's a cumulative amount of plays. We've got to go out there and stop the run. If Treadwell can't show why he was drafted so high this year, the only guy with any pop is rookie running back Dalvin Cook.

As if the Saints didn't have enough offensive weapons, the additions of future Hall-of-Fame running back Adrian Peterson, along with one of the NFL's fastest receivers, Ted Ginn, make them even more potent.

The Saints fell behind and nearly exclusively threw the ball, not exactly Peterson's forte. Each caught five passes for 54 yards. Diggs hauled in two touchdowns among his seven receptions for 93 yards. He had eight completions of 20 yards or more.

The Vikings have won four games in a row since that original streak three times, with the last four coming from December, 2002 to October, 2008.

Again, all the same.

The whole thing was sort of a microcosm into the Saints season. When new defensive players arrived in Minnesota to join the team, they were immediately warned about the most important rule in the locker room.

They've met three times in the playoffs with the Vikings having the edge there, 2-1. I'm not going to get down right now. "I think they were always rooting for him to dominate like he can". That set up a field goal and a 19-6 lead. "We'll see when we watch the tape".

Same old, same old.